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Ken Irvine

Introducing Ken Irvine; a proactive member of the Coronado community for over 40 years. Ken's remarkable sports journey had its roots starting in high school, where his prowess as a multi-sport athlete first came to light. Beyond his dedicated involvement in sports, Ken has also earned renown as an accomplished restaurateur and acclaimed chef, a journey spanning decades of excellence within the San Diego community and beyond.

Today, while maintaining his fervor for the culinary arts and the world of hospitality, Ken's passions have gracefully expanded to encompass the realm of pickleball. In this role as a PPR certified teaching professional, he's igniting inspiration among pickleball enthusiasts. Ken's life journey serves as a compelling reminder to wholeheartedly embrace our diverse interests and pursuits.

Ken teaches for the City of Coronado through Impact Activities, as well as the Coronado Marriott Resort and Spa. He is also available to teach at the Coronado Shores for Coronado Shores residents.


To find out more about Ken and his program please visit:



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