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Riley Conn

For the last 15 years, Riley has taught tennis and pickleball in the Palm Springs area.  Returning to the Island (CHS Islander class of 1988), Riley is excited to bring his experience and excitement in pickleball to Coronado and the members of the PCA.  Riley introduced pickleball to Andalusia Country Club, La Quinta CA, and grew it into one of the top private country club programs in the Palm Springs area.  After graduating from CHS, Riley went to UC Davis where he played football and earned his degree in Economics.  Coming from a very active tennis family Riley earned his stripes playing Southern California junior tennis under the tutelage of Ben Press, Don Hensen and Robin Adair.  He took his love of tennis and easily transitioned into a high-level pickleball player.  Competing with the top pros today, Marcin Rozpenski, Tyson Mcguffin, Morgan Evans etc,  he brings his knowledge of the game to players of all levels. 

You can contact Riley directly for more information about scheduling a coaching session!



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Riley Conn
Coronado Pickleball Pro
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